History of SMR

Sam Limbert

When I started the website in January 2007, Sam’s Match Reports was a simple concept. It was a website made up of Arsenal match reports, written by myself. I know, groundbreaking wasn’t it? It underwent a few design changes, but ran until the end of the 2010/2011 season.

Since then I’ve blogged about the Arsenal for ESPN FC, been an Opta analyst, sports editor at GU2 Radio and worked in the sports industry.

After a long two years, Sam’s Match Reports returned in September 2013 for three more seasons before it was killed off in one unsubtle afternoon ahead of the 2016/2017 season, becoming The Big Diag, in honour of a raking cross-field pass. You will no longer be subjected to the iconic, and not-at-all-made-by-pressing-the-demo-button-on-a-keyboard, Sam’s Match Reports podcast theme tune.

After another hiatus, I’ve been drawn back to the keyboard by Mikel Arteta’s super reds in 2023. This will either be a blog about an incredible triumph, or an Arsenal fan having an emotional meltdown during end-of-season disappointment.

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One thought on “History of SMR

  1. Sam, I’ve found this completely by chance after I really missing your blogs on Soccernet. Thanks for continue to write about Arsenal and I love your insightful and thoughtful comments and good discussions usually follow that is now lacking on ESPN FC. Please keep up with your great work!

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