History of SMR

Sam Limbert

When I started the website in January 2007, Sam’s Match Reports was a simple concept. It was a website made up of Arsenal match reports, written by myself. I know, groundbreaking wasn’t it? It underwent a few design changes, but ran until the end of the 2010/2011 season.

Since then I’ve blogged about the Arsenal for ESPN FC, been an Opta analyst, sports editor at GU2 Radio and worked in the sports industry.

After a long two years, Sam’s Match Reports returned in September 2013 for three more seasons before it was killed off in one unsubtle afternoon ahead of the 2016/2017 season, becoming The Big Diag, in honour of a raking cross-field pass. You will no longer be subjected to the iconic, and not-at-all-made-by-pressing-the-demo-button-on-a-keyboard, Sam’s Match Reports podcast theme tune. Instead, the new weekly podcast with Bale and Rob has an equally strange theme tune, and will have new features and challenges.

Keep up to date by subscribing to the blog and the podcast, and by following @TheBigDiag on twitter and Instagram. Follow me on twitter @SamLimbert10 and podcast co-host James Bale at @ThatGuyBale. Rob is sensible and doesn’t use twitter.


One thought on “History of SMR

  1. Sam, I’ve found this completely by chance after I really missing your blogs on Soccernet. Thanks for continue to write about Arsenal and I love your insightful and thoughtful comments and good discussions usually follow that is now lacking on ESPN FC. Please keep up with your great work!

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